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Immigration Law Articles

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Business Visas in California: Immigration Basics

Many foreign residents are interested in coming to the United States for work, job training, conferences, consulting with colleagues, or to establish a business office here. And it’s no surprise — California has the highest number of immigrants of any state in the U.S. It had the most immigrants in 2015, both in terms of […]

Political Asylum: Immigration Basics

There are lots of reasons people want to immigrate to the US – economic opportunity and reuniting with family top the list. But lots of people also come to the US seeking political asylum. What Is Political Asylum? People facing persecution in their home countries may seek “political asylum” in the US. Essentially, they’re asking […]

How to Get A Green Card In California

Want to know how to get a green card in California? Learn more about eligibility, the application process, and more. There are several ways to get a green card. Today, we’re taking a closer look at how to get a green card in California so you can take your first step toward permanent resident status. […]