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Finding an experienced real estate attorney in Los Angeles will help you settle disputes quickly while protecting your interests.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make.

It can also become one of the become the source of one of the biggest headaches you’ll experience if a property dispute arises.

California real estate laws are complicated and disputes can become expensive if you don’t have an experienced real estate attorney in Los Angeles working for you. An experienced real estate lawyer will be able to help you with a variety of problems, including homeowner’s association (HOA) disputes, real estate fraud, and landlord-tenant disputes.

For this reason, we recommend connecting with a lawyer specializing in real estate in California sooner than later.

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Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys

Title Disputes

A title dispute is often one of the most challenging types of real estate law.

Title insurance policy defects can cause issues that many homeowners are unaware of. The issues surrounding title insurance — the coverage, the timing, and coverage loss — are all unique when compared to other types of insurance and other aspects of real estate law.  For this reason, disputes often arise and can be difficult for individuals to manage.

An experienced real estate attorney in Los Angeles can help solve conflicts involving boundary disputes, problems with title transfers, forged deeds, unreleased prior mortgages, mortgage lien priority issues, policy exclusions, “actual loss” denials of coverage and other disputes.

Transferring Ownership of Real Property

When it comes to a home or other real property, simply living there isn’t enough to prove you’re the owner.

Instead, all owners of real property have a document — the deed — that shows they have been transferred the ownership of the property from the previous owner. In most cases, the deed is offered to the new owner in exchange for money, hence the property is sold through a real estate transaction.

In some cases, however, deed is transferred as an inheritance or is being given as a gift. These situations can be more complicated than simple real estate transactions. In addition, transfers of real property may occur in even more complex situations. These could include involuntary transfers that occur by operation of law, granted property, adding or deleting an owner, property settlement and contract of sale.

While most people don’t need to hire a lawyer to purchase a home through traditional channels, transferring ownership in a more complex situation may be greatly aided by the consultation of an experienced real estate attorney.

Mechanics Lien

Mechanic’s liens may sound like they only apply to vehicles, but they are actually more commonly used in construction and home repair. These liens were designed as a layer of protection to ensure contractors are paid for their work.

The legal procedures for writing and filing these liens, however, are very strict under California law.

Enforcing them can also be difficult. In some cases, mistakes on the part of the contractor can relieve the homeowner of the debt and in others, small technical issues make the lien impossible to enforce.

An experienced lawyer will be able to represent property owners against an improperly filed lien, or a lien that has been satisfied but not released. In addition, the lawyer can help contractors, subcontractors, and others involved in building, repair, and maintenance construct and file enforceable, bonded mechanic’s liens by ensuring all statutory requirements have been met.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Almost any real estate dispute that involves California property has the potential to become very complex.

This is especially true when you’re facing a real estate broker, sales agent or well-represented buyer or seller. Attempting to handle these disputes on your own can cost you the case. Hiring an experienced real estate attorney in Los Angeles who is well-versed in California property laws may help you reach a negotiation faster, guide you through mediation or arbitration, or pursue your interests through litigation.

How Can I Find a Qualified Lawyer?

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