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Hiring an internet crime lawyer in Los Angeles will protect you and your interests when faced with identity theft, internet scams, or cyberstalking.

Internet crime has become more common than ever before.

An experienced internet crime lawyer in Los Angeles will help guide you through the legal process of protecting your interests when faced with identify theft, scams, or other internet crimes.

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What Is an Internet Crime?

An internet crime is any crime or illegal activity that takes place on the internet, through the internet, or while using the internet. Things such as identity theft, internet scams, and cyberstalking are the main types of internet crimes about which you hear.

Some common internet crimes involve sending fake emails to unsuspecting individuals asking for banking information in exchange for a large sum of money. Some people provide their banking information which results in that information being used for illicit purposes such as fraud, money laundering, and stealing.

Other types of internet crime include:

  • Financial extortion
  • Internet bomb threats
  • Global security data theft
  • Password trafficking
  • Copyright violations
  • Counterfeit trademarks
  • Child pornography possession and transmission
  • Illegal weapons trafficking
  • Email phishing
  • Hijacking of domain names
  • Spreading of viruses
  • Stealing credit card information
  • Credit card fraud

Are There Different Jurisdictions for Internet Crimes?

Internet crimes can span throughout many different jurisdictions. This is because internet crime can be committed all over the world. There are internet criminals in Asia who are committing fraud and other internet crimes in the United States. Because of this, internet crime is not just on a state or federal scale but also on a global scale.

If internet crime is committed on a solely domestic scale, it can be prosecuted under state or federal law depending on whether the crime crossed state lines. If the crime did cross state lines, and most do, then the criminal will be subject to state laws and federal laws governing internet crime.

If an internet crime has crossed global lines, meaning it originated or ended in another country, this may involve the laws of foreign jurisdictions along with state and federal laws.

Since internet crime can reach so many areas, it is quite complex and requires an experienced legal mind. Oftentimes, an internet crime lawyer will be well-versed in state, federal, and international law simply because of how far-reaching internet crimes are.

How Can an Internet Crime Attorney Defend Me?

As stated, internet crime is extremely complex, especially when it transcends various different jurisdictions.

If you have committed a crime in California, that crime may also have been committed in several other states as well as in another country. If this is the case, your crime will be subject to the laws of California, federal laws, potentially the laws of the other states involved, and foreign laws. As a result, you will need an attorney who is knowledgeable in internet crime and able to handle all the complex aspects of the laws involved.

An internet crime attorney will be able to look at the specifics of your case and see where you may have a defense to the crime with which you have been charged. Additionally, an attorney will be able to look at the case that the government has against you and determine the weaknesses of the government’s case. All of these things put together can ensure that your attorney has the best case possible to present to a judge or jury if your case goes to trial.

Criminal defense attorneys also are able to negotiate plea deals, which can be beneficial, especially if the government’s case against you is very strong and if you do not have any defenses to the crime of which you have been charged.

Sometimes admitting guilt will ensure you get a lesser, more favorable sentence, which may be more beneficial to you. Furthermore, sometimes the government will be willing to drop charges or give a lesser penalty for a crime committed if you work with them. That is, if you assist the government in solving other internet crimes, they may treat you in a more favorable way. However, this is not always the case nor is it always guaranteed.

The best thing to do is to hire a criminal defense attorney that will be able to adequately analyze your case and ensure your rights are upheld, whether you are guilty or not. Internet crimes are complex and involve a lot of legal analysis and laws. Not working with a criminal defense attorney in this situation is a sure way to ruin your case and get the maximum penalty in any situation.

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