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Let’s get started by taking a look at an overview of what contract litigation is then exploring the best way to find the right contract litigation attorney for your needs.

Contract Litigation process with an attorney

What is Contract Litigation?

Contracts are a big part of day-to-day life. While many individuals and entities follow what is in a contract, some fail to do so which leads to contract litigation.

Contract litigation relates mainly to disputes amongst parties to the document. When there is a dispute, such as one party not performing the duties they agreed to under the contract, the other party typically seeks damages from the party that broke its promise. Damages are usually used to:

  • Pay for expenses associated with the party’s failure to comply with what was promised under the contract
  • And offer some compensation to the party that has been harmed due to the broken promise

The individual or entity that has allegedly breached the contract will also engage in litigation in order to defend itself. Perhaps it did not breach the contract, or perhaps it had some type of excuse or justification for breaching the contract.

If the party did in fact break its promise under the contract, the breaching party will be trying to keep the damages paid to the harmed party as low as possible.

Contract litigation is complex. This is often because contracts are written in complicated legal jargon that is not often readily understandable to someone who does not have legal training. So in order to pursue a contract litigation claim, it is important to consult a business attorney.

Why would I need a business attorney for contract litigation?

A business attorney deals with contracts on a daily basis whether it is drafting a contract, reviewing one that has already been written and signed, modifying an already agreed to contract, or pursuing a contract litigation claim on behalf of a business or individual.

Because of the complexities involved in contract law, a business attorney is best equipped to handle a contract litigation claim. A business attorney will be able to review the contract in dispute and identify where the issues have arisen as well as whether the parties are in breach of the contract.

A business attorney also will be able to present a persuasive argument in court should the contract dispute go to trial. Oftentimes a contract dispute will require a creative interpretation of the contract and of the law governing the contract.

Attorneys with experience litigating contract disputes will have the skills needed to do this and to present a clear, concise, and persuasive argument to the court.

Regardless of the type of contract, a business attorney will be able to help with any contract dispute. Oftentimes, a contract dispute will not go to trial as the threat of litigation will encourage parties to negotiate a settlement and avoid going to court altogether.

Because large amounts of money are usually involved in contract disputes, it is important to choose the right attorney for your particular contract litigation claim. Meeting with several different attorneys can ensure that you choose the individual best suited for your claim and that you will obtain the best possible outcome for you or your business.

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