Los Angeles Business Law Attorney

Working with a Los Angeles business law attorney will ensure your company and interests are protected as you handle business matters.

As a small business owner, hiring a Los Angeles business law attorney may be the solution you need to protect your company when faced with potential legal matters. You never know when a legal matter may arise, so it’s smart to prepare for such occasions with your lawyer.

Most business owners don’t seek legal help until they’re already faced with a legal matter, which can cause problems down the road.

Whether you’re looking ahead or need help fast, we can help you find the Los Angeles business law attorney you need to prepare your company for success.

Los Angeles Business Law Attorney

What type of cases do Business Law attorneys handle?

Businesses can face a variety of legal issues relating to employees and partners, through to suppliers and owners of leased property to equipment. As a business owner, you may also be faced with complex issues surrounding patents and intellectual property, or when a customer is harmed in the use of a product you manufacture or a service you provide.

None of these challenges should be faced without the advice of a business law attorney who will assist in providing the knowledge and experience you require to represent your business fairly. It is important to recognize that the other party involved will likely have engaged the services of an attorney to act on their behalf.

Fiduciary Duty

A business attorney can assist with unforeseen issues such as fiduciary duty claims. He or she will establish whether or not a fiduciary relationship existed, examine the scope of the relationship, and will then establish if there was, in fact, a breach of duty. Your attorney will establish a history, and investigate whether or not it is possible to prove that there has been misuse or misrepresentation within the relationship.

With so many possible ways to breach duties, it is important to have someone on your side who understands the complexities of the law. A business attorney will provide you with the representation you need to protect your interests and establish your side of the story.

Staff Issues

You may also find yourself faced with a business dispute from an employee. From sexual harassment cases to wrongful termination, an experienced Los Angeles business law attorney will work with you to professionally manage cases in which your reputation might be on the line, and assist you in proving that your business acted appropriately in the circumstances.


In California, there are very strict and often complex laws surrounding the environment, and your business must adhere to these laws or face steep fines and even possible criminal charges. Regulations that may affect your business, possibly without your knowledge, can include those applying to water, air, toxic substances, pesticides, and recycling. Your business attorney can ensure that you are aware of the laws, and challenge the law on your behalf should the need arise.

Business law attorneys can help with cases that include:

Business lawyers can also assist you in the organization of your business, including the need to incorporate or to become a limited liability company. They thoroughly examine contracts and leases prior to your signing and may manage the negotiation process on your behalf.

Attorneys who are experienced in Business Law understand the necessary licenses and registrations required for your business, be they federal or state requirements, and can offer guidance in these areas to ensure you are following the laws as they apply to your business.

With the use of a business attorney, you will understand your rights as well as know what laws you must adhere to in order to avoid disputes, fines, and criminal charges. Contact us online or give us a call at 818-340-4529, and the ARS representatives will put you in touch with an experienced business attorney in your area based on your case and needs.

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