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Hiring an experienced business dispute attorney will ensure your interests are protected.

A business dispute attorney is a lawyer with a specialization in business administration law, including business disputes.

Whether you’re experiencing a dispute with an individual or company, your attorney will help you navigate the process of resolving the business dispute. If you’re not sure where to get started, that’s okay. We’re here to help!

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Business Dispute Attorney

What Is A Business Dispute?

A business dispute is an issue of disagreement that arises between businesses. It can arise for a variety of reasons; e.g., disagreeing over contract terms that they have entered into, billing issues, payment issues, and a dispute over property. Additionally, a business could have a dispute with an individual for the same reasons, such as non-payment, or if the individual is a shareholder in the company and is alleging some wrongdoing done by officers or directors of the corporation.

A business dispute, whether minor or major, can have a detrimental effect on your company and its reputation. For this key reason, it is important to consult with a business dispute attorney who can help advise you to handle the dispute effectively and efficiently while also preserving, or repairing, your business’s reputation.

Types of Business Disputes

There are many different types of business disputes. The disputes can occur between a business and another business, a business and a customer, or even a business and a government contractor. Some of the types of business disputes include:

  • Contract disagreements
  • Violations of covenants not to compete
  • Illegal covenants not to compete
  • Intentional or negligent wrongdoing in a business relationship
  • Antitrust or trade regulation violations
  • Violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)
  • Disputes involving the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which governs commercial transactions
  • Corporate disputes, such as when an unhappy shareholder alleges that a business’ officers have engaged in a transaction which has harmed the company

Working With A Dispute Attorney

Business disputes can involve many areas of law. For example, if a business has a contract with a supplier for the supplier to deliver goods and the supplier fails to deliver those goods, this is a business dispute and involves contract law. An alleged violation of RICO law involves a business dispute and criminal law.

Because of the complexities of business disputes, engaging the services of an experienced business dispute attorney is important. Your attorney will be able to advise you of your options, the consequences of those options, and any defense that may be possible against any allegations or complaints against your business. Additionally, if you are bringing an action against another business, the business dispute attorney will be able to advise you on the best course of action to ensure a positive outcome.

Experienced business dispute attorneys will have handled commercial litigation claims for some time, have seen diverse claims, and have had the opportunity to research different areas of business dispute law. Additionally, through litigation, they have seen what works and what does not work. Engaging a business dispute attorney will give you peace of mind for your business and ensure that you are making the best possible decisions for you, your business, and its stakeholders.

Furthermore, it is likely that the other party in your business dispute will, themselves, be consulting with an attorney, so you should not attempt to go it alone. Business dispute attorneys know the ins and outs of the law and how to deal with other commercial litigation attorneys who have matching skill and knowledge.

Finding the Right Business Dispute Attorney in Los Angeles

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